Katrina Owen

Software Developer

A short biography

I've worked as a professional software developer for 18 years. I’ve developed apps at Bengler, helped build a programming curriculum at Turing School of Software and Design; reverse engineered proprietary binary file formats at Splice, optimised some of the most frequently accessed APIs in the world at GitHub, and wrestled ASTs at Exercism.

I've travelled the world speaking at conferences (see some of my talks below) and am the co-author of 99 Bottles of OOP. I'm probably most well known for creating Exercism - a free, not-for-profit coding education platform powered by a wonderful volunteer community, that serves over 1 million users.

Away from coding, I have a degree in Molecular Biology and am fascinated by spoken languages and the most optimal way for our brains to acquire them.

Selected conference talks

Here a few of my favourite conference talks.